About CMW

CMW picChristian Media Watch is a group of media professionals who are committed to monitoring Christian TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, blogs and social media platforms to see how these can be improved to provide a greater witness to the world of the truth of the Gospel.

CMW is always looking for new volunteer writers. If you would like to get involved please e-mail us at ChristianMediaWatch@gmail.com

Who’s who in Christian Media? Which networks, publications or websites are getting it right and which aren’t? How can Christian broadcasters, journalists or writers improve?  ChristianMediaWatch is geared towards evaluating the positive impact the Christian Media is making while also looking at areas where it may be failing. We will also address issues of concern raised online and how these can be resolved.

Christians are facing increasing persecution around the world and now is not the time for us to ‘bite and devour’ one another. We need to stand together or risk being marginalised by a secular humanist agenda that belittles us at every opportunity. We need to respect the contribution each Christian Media organisation is making to extend the Kingdom of God and try and work together in unity.

We may not agree with everything a magazine, radio or TV show offers, we may question their theology or fund raising methods, but we can still recognise where God is using them and agree to differ where necessary. God commands His blessing when His people work together in unity. If you are a TV viewer, radio listener, magazine or newspaper reader we would like to hear your views on who’s doing it right and where change is needed. Perhaps you work in Christian media, or are a pastor or church leader, we would also value your input.

e-mail us at ChristianMediaWatch@gmail.com

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One thought on “About CMW

  1. keijo leppioja

    Time is very dark and we needs the light to shine to se what we are going by faith in the way and the truth in Christ and many false cuorse are to take us astray today and we love help from the bible wisdom too and quard of the Holy Spirit with love of God with Christ in his blood only way to God and heaven thanks and bless pray,keijo sweden

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