Constructive criticism or destructive name-calling?

A wise pastor often used to encourage his congregation with these words…  “The minute you step out and do anything for God, you open yourself up to be criticised. Don’t let that deter you. Do what God has called you to do.” It’s true, the enemy does not want Christians to succeed in any field of expertise, let alone the media. Christian TV seems to be a prime target for criticism, and it is ironic that some of its greatest opponents are fellow believers.

While Christian TV could improve in many respects, name calling is childish and destructive… ‘Cashflow Dollar’ and ‘Tattoo Todd’ are some of the names bandied about by a British preacher, named ‘Brother Justin’. Can these be excused as clever use of pun and alliteration, a humorous jibe perhaps? But, is it fun to call the world’s most prominent Christian women speaker “the goldfish”? Or to say that “Todd TV will give you a nasty does of TB’? (Translation GOD TV will give you a nasty dose of Todd Bentley/Tuberculosis)

Mild really when the person using these insults dismisses Christian television as “sickening garbage from deluded and deranged people, who are only out to extort from the gullible” But, then you begin to understand where he is coming from when he calls the President of the United States, “Osama bin Satan”.

Brother Justin himself does not escape his own name-calling, He calls himself “Lucas Labrador”. Why? Just because he could not think of a more appropriate name, and needed  one that everyone would remember. His weekly ‘DOG Show’ – oh wait, that is an anagram for ‘GOD’ supposedly exposes the “horrors being conducted in the name of Jesus Christ.”

More recently Justin has termed GOD TV ‘COD TV’ implying “something fishy” or worse still, that it is a hoax.

It is tragic that he uses valuable time that could be used for the extension of the Kingdom, to trash other members of the same Body. Some of what he has to say is valid and helpful to Christian growth yet he discredits this by trashing other ministries. Granted his single camera shots in the English countryside can’t compete with Christian TV’s studios, nor can his 30,000 or so hits compete with global distribution, but he does have some valuable stuff to share, He just needs to say it in the right way, and in the right spirit.

Christian television won’t get everything right, but it does come with an off button, if it isn’t to your liking, switch it off, don’t trash it, it may be the only channel of hope to someone in dire spiritual need.


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