Bloggers in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

Justin Hughes is a prolific British video blogger who delights in trashing the good name of Christian leaders and has done so for several years. From the head of the Anglican Church, Justin Welby, who he calls ‘the hobbit of Canterbury’ to women in ministry who he terms ‘bitches of babylon’ Hughes belittles people at every opportunity. A bit of harmless fun, you could surmise. But there is nothing harmless about Justin Hughes, he is determined to go for the jugular, raising all kinds of allegations and presenting them as truth.

He himself has gone by several different names from ‘Brother Justin’ to ‘Justin the Preacher’ to ‘Lucas Labrador X’ as it seems his video blogging accounts have been closed down by more than one service provider, including Youtube. Most recently Hughes has treated Christian recording artist Vicky Beeching in a horrific manner after she admitted to same sex attraction. He has also brought severe accusations against GOD TV, some which have had an element of truth and others which are inaccurate.

Armed with his single-shot camera, Hughes has made hundreds of videos, typically against an irrelevant countryside background. These seek to discredit the Body of Christ and Christians who he unilaterally decides are not born again, but ‘type 2 and 3 Christians or ‘broadroaders’ as he terms them. It seems only he and a select few, who follow his ‘narrow way’, are on the right path. He is also outspoken out against Christian media networks including Revelation TV, but it is God TV that seems to be the focus of his venom, not least of which are his allegations of infidelity against the network’s founders.

However it now appears that Justin Hughes has similar allegations against himself to answer for. He seems to have had an extra marital relationship with a son born outside of his marriage, who he has disowned. But none of this is mentioned in Hughes, videos. A young man by the name of Simon Oliver Wike (Hughes) has made these claims in videos published on Youtube, in his unsuccessful attempt to establish a relationship with his father. Also see ‘My 4th Address’

According to a letter written to the young man’s mother, Hughes acknowledges the following: “Simon is my bastard son and the product of my vile past which I have been cleansed of and forgiven for… Simon was a rotten error.. ” This letter is documented on Youtube along with the results of a paternity test and a photo of father and son.

One wonders why Justin Hughes goes out of his way to slander others, especially when he confesses in this letter to having been a “sex pervert, adulterer, fornicator. liar and deceiver” himself. A proverbial case of “the pot calling the kettle black” – or as the title of this post indicates, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

It seems it’s all right that Justin Hughes is forgiven and cleansed, but not for all the various Christian leaders he has targeted and badmouthed in his videos. How could a father abandon his own son and still call himself a Christian. Beggars belief.

Our intention in writing this article is not to vilify Justin Hughes. Just a call to say, stop discrediting the Body of Christ, stalking around snooping for all the dirt you can find. Let God deal with the sin in people’s lives and pray that they be restored. Put your own house in order first. Be reconciled with your son. God is the God of reconciliation. He can reconcile spouses, even spouses who have been unfaithful to each other, and He can turn the heart of the fathers to their sons and the heart of the sons to the fathers. It’s time for Christians to walk in unity and fulfil the Great Commission rather than waste precious time warring with each other.


14 thoughts on “Bloggers in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

  1. Linda Jones

    Thank you for taking the time to expose darkness and vindicate those who have been viciously maligned by this individual. GodTV and its Founders, Rory and Wendy, have done much to further the Kingdom of God. I thank God for the Spirit of Truth who always ultimately prevails!

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  2. prographo

    errrr, but this Justin Hughes guy isn’t the one having the affair, that would be the GOD TV guy, right?

    EVERYONE sins before they come to Jesus… so Hughes sinned big before he became a christian, that would be totally normal.

    But the GOD TV guy, is saying he is a christian, and particularly “anointed” one as well (whatever that may mean), so this then is a problem.

    You see, Jesus changes a person…. or perhaps you do not know this?

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    1. christianmediawatch Post author

      Of course Jesus changes a person. He takes a heart of stone and turns it to a heart of flesh. He causes people to love even their enemies. I don’t see any love being shared by bloggers like Justin Hughes, Kate Hillier and others. They seem hell bent on accusing, insulting and gossiping. This is not about singling out one Christian leader who had an affair. He did wrong and will have to answer to God for his actions. However, we all sin and fall short of the Glory of God. This is about countless video and WordPress attacks on many different Christian leaders who are reviled by these so called ‘Christian’ bloggers with a satanic venom, not expected of a true believer in the Bible. In Hughes’ case his is about deep seated prejudice against women, who he calls ‘bitches of Babylon’ – a man who brings the Name of Christ into disrepute, a man who doesn’t care about people least of all his own son who has grown up without a father to show him the narrow way.


      1. prographo

        He shouldn’t be vindictive about it, but I think it is correct to point out sin in leaders, not petty things, but things that count, and adultery definitely counts.

        I think Christians can sin, but adultery is huge, I’m not sure someone with the spirit of God could do that day in day out – they might do it once – then Jesus would bitchslap them into the next millennium. A much more obvious possibility is that the GOD TV guy is simply not born again.


  3. brojustin

    I would not normally bother with such nonsense, but let’s just remember the facts here, and not refer to attacking videos made against me donkey’s years ago…..

    Firstly, this is ANCIENT HISTORY. I was a SINNER before I was saved from sin, and your problem with that is what, exactly? ALL GUILT AND RESPONSIBILITY for what went before my new birth TWENTY NINE YEARS AGO as been purged and the man who did those things is dead and gone. I am born again, and have been for a very long time. And how old are you?

    Secondly, the ‘little boy who wants to see his daddy’ as you portray him has NEVER made any attempt to contact me directly. He does not actually want to know me, and he is actually a pretty objectionable character.

    Thirdly, the videos you have apparently seen on YouTube are ancient, and were his, and his mother’s attempts to discredit me, and have a slant on the truth that is ‘interesting’, shall we just say.

    Neither this ‘little boy who wants to see his daddy’ or his mother, or his family, are God’s people. They are not born again, and they are still in sin, still children of the devil, whom you side with as plainly you have never been born again yourself, and don’t understand.

    ‘The old man has passed away and all things are become new’.

    And ‘this little boy who wants to see his daddy’? He is coming up thirty years old now, and would, no doubt, be pretty offended at being painted as a child. He has never contacted me and the idea that he wants to be ‘reconciled’ with his father is arrant nonsense and lies, such as common among the unsaved. And here you are repeating the lies……..

    NO ONE who is born again is guilty of anything that they did before they were saved from sin; adopted OUT of the camp and family of Satan, into the camp and family of God. But you would not know that, of course……

    Lastly, who on earth made you some sort of Christian police force? Since when does anyone answer to you?!

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    1. christianmediawatch Post author

      Neither you are I are appointed as ‘some sort of Christian police force’ nor does anyone answer to us. However we are both answerable to God for the words we speak; the gossip we spread; etc. Whatever your son feels about you, no matter what age, I believe you have a parental responsibility to him, especially with regard to his salvation. You expect to be understood and treated with respect, grace and forgiveness. Therefore treat others with understanding, grace and forgiveness.


    2. simon hughes(wike)


      I did make contact many times, I did directly reach out to you when I was younger and even spent time at your home.

      The last time I was with you I was dropped off at the little chef, with a little word to my mother saying words to the effect that you didn’t want to know me and we were to different.

      “NO ONE who is born again is guilty of anything that they did before they were saved from sin” can that be used as a court defense because that is the best get out clause its the most brilliant thing iv’e ever seen written!

      take care
      Simon Hughes!


  4. Lightship

    Christian media watch , you are no more than a dirt digger, a gossip, and an accuser of the brethren in those which God has forgiven!
    Why don’t you mind your own business; as you don’t seem in the least bit interested in going after those who defame the name of the Lord in speaking filthy lies about HIM..?
    No, you just “beat up on the little people’s personal lives”, and don’t pay any attention to big time heiresses, which are all around us today. That is simply shameful to do; and it is offensive to the name of the Lord, which you claim to represent!!!,

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    1. christianmediawatch Post author

      Oh dear it seems we have hit a raw nerve by daring to question the authenticity of bloggers whose main reason for writing/ uploading endless videos seems to be a never-ending effort to trash other Christians. We have no desire to dig dirt or gossip. The point of this post is exactly this, bloggers in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. In other words… If you have a skeleton in your closet, it is bound to be discovered, especially if you are constantly banging on about other people’s skeletons. Unfortunately you give up the right to have a private life if you are exposing the private lives of others. Our aim is not to beat anybody up but to exhort, encourage and build up. Brother Justin and others are encouraged to spend their time more productively in preaching the Gospel rather than attacking other believers, trying to expose them, when they themselves are not perfect. God bless you and your ministry.


      1. Lightship

        I know this man on a personal level, and you do not. I responded to this post as you sent me the link, and encouraged me to read, what you have written.
        Justin Hughes, has not a vindictive bone in his body, yet you are attempting to paint him as a heretic, in saying he is attacking others of the faith.

        The fact is, he is simply attempting to express and expose what he believes is the truth; found within systematic theologies (people).of today.
        I believe we are in the age of strong delusion, and it is imperative that “Christian Bloggers” as you call them, and Ministers, be able to express their opposition to those that they feel are misguided, and are of the spirit of error…

        That was the point, which I was attempting to make, Your posting about “glass houses and throwing stones” was nothing more than a vague allegory,and attempt, in attacking a MINISTER, and brother, who I personally know!
        This posting, painted with a broad brush, is unprofessional journalism from my perspective, simply because you do not know all the facts in these matters. It is an attempt to make “Christianity more palatable to everyone”. This post modernism world view, is pluralistic and new age. It shows no fear of God, or his attributes what so ever.

        Since you made this post in attacking the viewpoints, and the hard hitting style of a minister, and personal friend of mine; it does strikes a nerve in me!
        So I ask you: what type of friend would I be, if I could not respond in disagreement, with your take on a man, who is wholeheartedly attempting to stand for what he sees as truth?

        You may not agree with his methodology, yet it appears to me that you have overstepped your role as a type of “Christian watchdog” group, when you do not know all the facts.
        Perhaps iron will sharpen iron, in this once private matter, and you will be more mindful of your own responsibilities when blogging about others?

        Rev.Roland Dell

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      2. christianmediawatch Post author

        Dear Rev Roland. Thank you for your comment. We are not disputing the fact that Bro Justin is a genuine believer. We commend him for upholding the narrow way. However, even those who he believes are caught in error should be treated with at very least with respect. He shows no respect for so many people he video blogs about. He does not seem to tell the truth in love as the Bible commands. His methods rather range from calling people silly names to dismissing their beliefs outright through to downright character assassination. That is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My advice to you and to Justin is to preach the Gospel. Share the Good News of Jesus. Focus on that rather than bringing other people into disrepute. You personally know Justin and can make exceptions for him. What if we personally knew some of the people he is attacking and could vouch for them? Nobody knows all the facts, Justin does not know all the facts yet he takes to video to make sweeping allegations. One of the 10 commandments clearly forbids us to be a false witnesses. Justin needs to be cautious that he does not bare false witness. We are not overstepping any role. We are not a watchdog. Simply a commentary. So much of the advice you have advised me to accept could be given equally to your friend Justin Hughes. He should definitely be more mindful of his own responsibilities when blogging about others.

        Finally Justin’s private life is his own business. Still, I feel for the breach between father and son. Whatever the history, God is still the God of reconciliation and I pray Justin and his son are reconciled. What a testimony that would be. Otherwise what example of Father God does Justin’s son have?


  5. lenbenheart

    It is my observation that Brother Justin is often very plain-spoken and forthright in declaring the moral and doctrinal apostasies of our time. He is not perfect; he is not “a diplomat.” He has had flaws and failures like all of us, but that does not detract from the fact that he is RIGHT about the fakery and phoniness of much that passes for “ministry” and money-making schemes disguised as “followers of Christ”. He is also right, in my view, regarding the dangers of the so-called “Ecumenical Movement.” Attacking his character and past is NOT fair to the man, and I can see why he would consider it a form of character-assassination.
    Having said that, I would hope that Justin and his estranged son could be reconciled, but this is highly unlikely if his son sides with his mother {who is apparently very bitter toward Justin} and is not a born-again Christian. Just my 2 cents worth on all this.

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