Wendy Alec puts the record straight on the breakdown of her marriage, refuting false allegations.

After days of media speculation about Rory Alec’s ‘moral failure’ it is now known that he had an adulterous affair with an Austrian woman from about March this year. Now that the world has heard the truth, following Wendy Alec’s live broadcast tonight it’s time to put an end to hearsay and slander.

Yes, it is sad that hope for a reconciliation between the couple is waning, however there does seem to be a huge amount of support for the future of God TV. True believers are also aware that we serve the God of the Impossible and it is not over until He says it’s over.

Wendy and several guest speakers stressed that God TV would continue with its ministry mandate and she emerged clearly as the network’s new leader with an apostolic prophetic mandate to continue, along with the network’s board and its management team.

Stop The False Allegations

Wendy also refuted false allegations that she had had an affair, that they owned two private jets and several houses. She said they lived in a house they had obtained on a 15-year lease. She also stressed the point that God TV existed only to serve its viewers and partners. Hopefully this will silence the Internet trolls who have been attacking the ministry online.

Wendy took time to explain to viewers what had happened in detail and the conclusion she has come to at this time. “There is no one more than me that wants reconciliation, but today I have to tell you that it is not like that. As far as Rory is concerned our marriage is finished and he wants a new life. I have been with him since he was 18 and I was 22. Now, after being married for 27 years, it is like your life is over,” she said, bravely holding back tears.

“I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I have absolute trust in my Father God, there is going to be incredible restoration / restitution. I don’t’ know how that is going to happen, I am not talking about Rory, I have put him on the altar. I am speaking about GOD TV.”

Wendy recalled her memories of a family Christmas in December followed by the consecration of God TV’s new conference centre in Plymouth. She spoke of her husband having had an encounter with God in January and how he had been working through issues from his childhood. Abandoned by his father at birth, Rory had two step fathers and she talked about how he was trying to overcome an orphan spirit.

“In March something happened,” she said… “Rory came into the house, and something had changed. He said that he needed space and to find his identity. My whole world started going upside down. A pattern started to develop. My husband started to act in a way that I hadn’t known before.”

She shared how she had received counseling from Ed Silvoso who was concerned about the lack of apostolic fathers in the Body of Christ that leaders can really trust. Rory however would not go to counselling nor trust anyone.

Wendy shared that the more space Rory took, the worse it became for their marriage. Finally during her recent illness, she told how Rory had practically abandoned her, flying off to Austria for five weeks.

“I was in emotional trauma. I tried to justify his actions by thinking he was going through a mid life crisis, but I knew something was wrong. I prayed and asked God to expose it so, if it was a boil then it could be lanced.

“On 15th August, I found out that Rory had been having an affair with a divorced woman in Austria. He had gone to stay with family friends who knew me and the children and that is how it had started. Rory had been asked by the woman’s father to produce an album for his daughter, who was a musician and jazz singer, but Rory never told me about it.

“This woman told Rory that she had heard from God that he was her ‘Mr Right’ and because of the mantle on his life to lead millions to Christ, the prince of hell devised a perfect strategy to hook Rory’s soul through a seductive Jezebel spirit and he landed up in adultery.

“The GOD TV board tried to talk to him but it was just too far gone and Rory left and went to Austria. Two weeks later he said he was cutting it off and was willing to reconcile and we all thought there would be reconciliation.

“We could have ended up like Marcus and Joni Lamb sharing about a reconciliation, but, when the leaks started coming out on the internet Rory insisted he was going to step aside. He said he didn’t want to be in ministry any longer.

“We went to south Africa. hoping to have counselling with our friends, Cliff and Andre Scott, (who led Rory to the Lord as documented in ‘Against All Odds’), but after one day in Africa Rory told me our marriage was over and he left.

Wendy shared she had received a prophecy from David Wagner of Father’s Heart ministries, that God had told him, ‘enough is enough’. However he also spoke of restitution and restoration which is what she had been hanging onto.

However she announced that Rory is still on this woman’s father’s farm in South Africa and she now has to take the focus off her marriage and focus on taking the lead at GOD TV following his resignation.

“Through all of these seven months. one thing has never changed,” Wendy affirmed. “God the Father has been so faithful, there have been times when I have felt I have been carried like a little girl. God has been carrying me, healing my heart.”

She also spoke of the prophetic apostolic mantle on God TV and how she and her husband were only stewards. She stressed that she had not received her media mantle from her husband, but had a call to creative evangelism before she met Rory.

She also spoke of the spiritual battle for the airwaves, that God TV was called to fight the Prince of the Power of the Air. Then she started to prophesy: From this time forth there is going to be the release of a prophetic fire mantle that is going to fall on God TV that the devil is going to be hanged on his own gallows for this satanic attack on God TV. God TV will expand and explode and this mantle is going to have the fire and glory of God like never before.

“I humble myself and bow my knee. This attack is over, it is finished. We serve you notice in the spirit right here from Jerusalem, we are going to be even more dangerous as God TV and we are going to stun hell in the Name of Jesus Christ.”

Finally, Wendy prayed for Rory and blessed him. She asked God to have mercy on him and deliver him.


12 thoughts on “Wendy Alec puts the record straight on the breakdown of her marriage, refuting false allegations.

  1. Joseph Antony Fernandez

    The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. 1 John 3:8 N IV
    Thank you Jesus for restoring Rory & Wendy Alec’s marriage!


  2. Eddie

    Rory, I pray that ABBA Father renew your mind and I command the enemy to loose his grip on your thoughts. Come on boet face the situation, you know that YHWH is in the restoration business.


  3. Delores Rodriques

    During the Florida Outpouring/Lakeland revival broadcast of 7th June 2008, Todd Bentley, founder of Fresh Fire Ministries, read a so called prophetic word from Wendy Alec to those watching, saying that the Lord had spoken to Wendy Alec and that Jesus Christ would visit the Lakeland revival “in person” on Sunday, 8th June 2008. In short, Wendy Alec prophesied Jesus’ return. Todd Bentley read her prophecy to his dedicated followers worldwide. But Christ did not show up during or at the revival meeting. No personal appearance!
    It is said that she spoken on television “of the prophetic apostolic mantle on GOD TV and how she and her husband were only stewards. She stressed that she had not received her media mantle from her husband, but had a call to creative evangelism before she met Rory.” There is no such thing written in the Bible “of any prophetic apostolic mantle” for nowhere in the New Testament do we read of the anointing being transmitted from one person to another person by the laying on of hands. Nor do we read of there being a “double-portion” anointing, or triple as Benny Hinn and other Word of Faith preachers claim. What about Elisha? He did not ask for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit? He did not ask for a double portion of his anointing.
    God TV is saturated with the likes of the false teachers and prophets found in the Word of Faith Movement.
    It is similar to other so called christian tv channels such as TBN, Inspiration TV, DayStar TV, and to include Revelation TV operating from my country(Spain) who have on board Seventh Day Adventists considered to be a cult.
    Morris Cerullo is called the “anointed one” as well as a prophet who utterances have not been fulfilled.
    So what has been sown folk will surely reap and I have to say this has been seen so far when people claim of a word wide revival coming our way. Instead, there has been a falling away as prophesied in God’s Word – read 2 Thessalonians 2 verse 9 to 11.
    Adultery is adultery and is abhorrent in the sight of Almighty God. When we try to hide this, it eventually backfires because what is hidden will be revealed – Luke 8 verse 17.


    1. Graham Peacock of Romford, Essex

      I have heard from time to time that God TV and Revelation TV support the “broad church” leaving out the “straight and narrow” which reveals a watered down gospel and ignores the words of the Lord Jesus Christ – see Mathew 7: 13-14.
      What is equally disturbing is once a born again christian one should not to return to the vomit as seen when leaving cults such as JWs and Mormons. Yet, different treatment is given for those in the Roman Catholic Church who have come to know Christ. Surely the RC Church is the biggest cult in the world! These tv stations treat the RC Church as part of the Christian Church, describing those who are supposedly following Christ in the RC Church, as “charismatic catholics” if accepting the gifts of the Spirit, per se. This just beggars belief.
      The Charismatic Movement has off shoots such as the Restoration Movement, the Apostolic Movement, the Dominion Movement as well as the Word of Faith Movement with the emphasis on ” waves of revival” leading to a world wide revival, hence programmes being televised on christian tv stations.
      As well as endorsing Roman Catholicism as part of Christendom, a number of charismatic leaders are giving credence to what is suppose to be another move of God coming under the umbrella of Chrislam.
      Discernment has been shelved in modernising the Christian Church to the whims of the 21st century and is going from bad to worse.
      So what is going on when every wind of doctrine are being entertained in the modern western christian church? I use one word which is DECEPTION.
      I am glad I am a member of the Body of Christ and not a paid up member of any religious institution known as this church and that church which bears no resemblance to that of the New Testament Church. It is no wonder occult practices are dressed up to be that of the Holy Ghost, the name of Jesus is used flippantly, and those at the helm, are fleecing the flock in building their empires in the End Times. So sad when money rules to hearts of many and those suppose to be prophets, apostles, pastors, and bishops, are committing adultery.
      Maranatha! – come Lord Jesus!!


      1. christianmediawatch Post author

        You raise some interesting points! In my opinion most of the Christian media in the UK are doing their best to preach the Gospel, with an emphasis on the Blood of Jesus and The Cross. Salvation through Christ alone. Salvation in Jesus is the main thing we can all agree on. By faith not by works, which is a challenge for Catholics to accept. Fleecing the flock is objectionable however the people of God are called to be givers. When the cause is genuine and the ministry has integrity I think we should rally to see projects completed as a Gideon army that otherwise could not be accomplished. Adultery is a sin, and the Bible makes it very clear that sexual sin should not be linked to believers. It is sad when our leaders fail. Sad when they are ambushed by the enemy that walks around seeking who he may devour. But God is still able to bring them to repentance in His timing. The important thing is that we all finish strong.


    2. christianmediawatch Post author

      I don’t think anybody expected Jesus to appear in person with regard to that prophecy. It was clearly meant to be a spiritual visitation, not physical.
      In Ephesians 4:11 we read about the five-fold ministry gifts: “And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.” I think Wendy Alec was saying she was called as a prophet in her own right. Yes the anointing can be transferred. 2 Timothy 1:6 “I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.” Admittedly not all Christian programming will please everyone, just like viewers won’t approve of every show on the BBC/ ITV etc. The Christian channels can’t possibly please everyone. You watch the programmes you find faith building to you. Yes adultery is sin, and the breakup of every marriage is tragic. It is not God’s best, but He does recognise divorce and divorce is not the unpardonable sin. There is forgiveness and hope for divorced people as there is for everyone caught in sin. Jesus forgave the woman caught in the act of adultery.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. John, a journalist and a christian

    Yes, God Almighty can forgive our sins. I was saved by His grace despite in my younger days of being involved in revolutionary politics and the occult. Praise the Lord! So I can recognise what is of the occult and is of the Holy Ghost. My quest in those days was to destroy the Jews and Israel supporting the PLO. Whilst at college I tried to do the same thing with the Christian Union.
    I used my occult powers until I was brought to my knees in despair over what I was doing. I thank the Lord for the Jesus People who introduced me to Christ as no established church or church goers could cope with me. For they were afraid of what I might do.
    I have watched for several years the programmes on christian tv stations. I have looked at the life styles and practices of the televangelists, their teachings, and every prophecy uttered by them. My research shows that many are making huge amounts of money out of their followers and viewers bringing disrepute to what is called the Christian Church. Their organisations and themselves do not resemble anything like the New Testament Church of the Bible. They are living lie for all to see and are using Christianity as a tool for their luxurious lifestyles. This does not bear witness to the life of the Lord Jesus Christ nor to the lives of His apostles. It appears that those who call themselves prophets, apostles and even bishops in the modern western christian church of the 21st century, are self ordained to get attention and credence.
    I have reported by looking how televangelists operate having been to their meetings and the many claims they make on stage. When avoiding to pay their taxes, this is contrary to what Christ said about paying dues to Caesar. When asking for millions of pounds to keep their ministries going and to continue in the limelight, my Lord Jesus and the Apostles Peter and Paul, did not fleece the flock and did not say anything in sowing financial seeds as a reward to receive God’s blessings.
    Rory and Wendy Alec have either been duped by those they are associated with in the Word of Faith Movement or themselves are part of the deception which has and continues to take place on God TV.
    Having been involved in the realm of the occult, what I have seen with the many actions and antics of the charismatic and WoF preachers on television, reminds me of what I have been set free from.
    This has been seen laughing in the spirit (what spirit?), people running about like headless chickens at meetings, drunk in the spirit (whatever they have been drinking from!), the convulsion effects of the Toronto Blessing, those who have died after being told they were healed, and the use of occult practices claimed to be of the Holy Spirit.
    When Christ healed people, they were healed. It was the same with His apostles. The signs and wonders being portrayed on stage and said to be of the spirit on television are a counterfeit instigated by man and are false.
    I have looked at what is supposed to be of God as seen on television. The evidence and research so far has nothing to do what is claimed to be. Unbiblical and ungodly!


  5. christianmediawatch Post author

    Hi there, seems like you know GOD TV well? There is nothing to suggest it is about to fold. Just been looking at their site and they have an Israel Tour coming up in November that they are taking bookings for. With Wendy Alec it seems. Doesn’t look like she is leaving any time soon.


  6. ellen

    well, how sad for everyone involved. As far as Carola being told from God Himself that she was to marry Rory, hogwash. it is NEVER God’s will to break up a family, cause a ministry to fall apart. God doesn’t operate that way. as far as Rory and Carola goes, it was pure human lust. they both need to repent and if they don’t they have seared consciousness. once they do repent, God can use them as He did King David.



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