Has Revelation TV really fallen foul of the Charity Commission?

According to The Independent, Revelation TV: Britain’s first televangelist station is facing investigation into misuse of funds.

Ecalpemos, a blog written in Scotland “on issues including current affairs, music, technology and Christianity,” has offered the following insight into the these claims. They also have a well documented page providing Background Information on Revelation TV.

CMW tweet Christian Media Watch has been criticised through a comment on this blog, for not alerting viewers to this investigation. We did actually pick up on this in a tweet, saying “We have to do better.”

Ecalpemos (Someplace spelt backwards) has observed Christian Media Watch as exemplifiying a polarised group of Christians who see such investigations as “a satanic attack against Christians”.

We do believe that all Christian media is under enemy attack by the Prince of the Power of the Air as they strive to redeem the airwaves. However we do not see an investigation by the Charity Commission as a satanic attack. All charities in the UK must adhere to the strict guidelines of the Charity Commission and if they are in breech of these, they need to be called to account and make right.

Revelation TV has responded to the accusations against them with An Announcement relating to the Charity Commission’s inquiry into Revelation Foundation – saying they are co-operating fully and that they believe the allegations will be proved unfounded.

Ecalpemos says: “Having reflected on this I suspect that those hoping for something to happen will be disappointed. The Charity Commission is very reluctant to take action in cases like this, usually citing concerns about loss of benefit to beneficiaries or bringing the voluntary sector into disrepute. Even when they do take action this information is only publicly available for a short period of time, and are not held in a public archive.”

As we commented on Ecalpemos’ article: “Commendations on a well documented blog. Despite your concerns with Revelation TV you have approached this in a respectful through critical way, which is so much better than some of the blogs that see themselves as called to bring down entire Christian networks. I hope that what you have suggested will be the outcome of the Charity Commission’s investigation into Revelation TV. ie ensuring that the way forward is completely above board.

“I rather suspect that Howard Conder has sacrificed everything to just get Revelation on air and even more to keep it on air, as have his family most probably. It is a concern that some family members have earned high salaries, but then we don’t know what level of work they have had to do. Christian TV is enormously expensive and every minute of TV takes much planning, production etc. Sometimes only family members are prepared to make the level of commitment to a vision, ie to give all.

“Christians cannot blame the devil for their mistakes. However we all know that he has tailor made traps for each of us because he basically wants to kill, steal and destroy. He walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. We have to be one step ahead. And yes as Christians we should do everything in the best possible way as an example to others. Hopefully Revelation will bounce back stronger.”


3 thoughts on “Has Revelation TV really fallen foul of the Charity Commission?

  1. sarahacott

    Not sure if you are aware, but there is now a lot more to this story. Sadly, Howard Conder has done everything he can to discredit those whom he believed had reported him to the Charity Commission including lying about people (myself included) and editing a confidential report for propaganda.
    It’s a very serious situation and one that needs exposing, preferably by Christians. The story is spreading fast and is already on 6 places on the internet in just over a week.
    See my blog for the full details



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