Did God intervene in the US Election?

So much has been written about the US Election, what more could possibly be said? From a Christian media perspective several things are worth noting.
It all pointed towards Hillary Clinton being the next president of the USA, Newsweek had already printed it’s cover with the words, ‘Madame President’. Yet in a shock turn-around we now have President Elect, Donald J Trump. What happened? Was it Wikileaks, was it disillusionment with the establishment or could it have been divine intervention?

With so many Republican candidates to beat, it’s a wonder Trump won the nomination in the first place. And, having blurted out so many politically suicidal comments, it is amazing he was allowed to continue to campaign…

When we heard his call for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the USA,” many of us thought it was the end for him. In today’s world you can’t spew forth such politically incorrect statements and hope to be taken seriously… and yet the statements kept coming…

Then came the ‘October Surprise’ of his lewd ‘locker room talk’ video tape where he was caught on camera disrespecting women in such a vulgar way.  The media correctly assessed that this would have been the end for any other politician… Especially coupled with the shocking accusations of several women with whom he allegedly acted inappropriately. Who would have thought any self respecting woman would vote for him?

And yet, defying all odds millions of women did vote for him. And men. And despite the Clinton campaign rolling out all the big names they could muster, including President Obama and the first lady, Trump still won. Unbelievable. Yet with God nothing is impossible. And He can use a donkey if He so chooses.

So many times during his campaign it seemed ludicrous that Donald Trump was a serious contender and yet it seems God decided to use him to lead the United States for His own plans and purposes and the obvious question is why?

The answers can be found in the Christian media who boldly stuck out their necks to support Trump as God’s choice of candidate and Charisma Magazine (published by Steve Strang) was right at the forefront highlighting prophetic insights from Christian leaders who history proved were accurately hearing from Heaven.

Scripture declares that God doesn’t do anything before first telling His prophets and Lance Wallnau, Dutch Sheets, Patricia King, Jennifer LeClaire, Bill Johnson, Mark Taylor and others are to be commended for bravely speaking about a Trump victory long before it even seemed vaguely possible.

“Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7)

Lance Wallnau (Known for his teaching on the Seven Mountains of Influence) described Trump as ‘God’s chaos candidate’, ‘a wrecking ball to political correctness.’ Jennifer LeClaire accurately prophesied that “On Election Day, a Kingdom will be toppled.” Brave words indeed when the nation seemed to be rooting for Hillary…and win the popular vote she did, but not the White House.
Mark Taylor boldly prophesied five years ago that Trump would be President  and has since updated his prophetic word, saying that God will use him to expose darkness.

Despite Trump’s many flaws, it seems God has raised him up to give America a stay of execution. So many Christian leaders have discerned that the USA is under judgement due to the Godless agenda of the globalist elite; the murder of millions of unborn children; and the way the US Government has humiliated Israel in recent years to name just a few reasons why a vote for Hillary Clinton was not an option for many Bible-believing Christians.

God had nothing to do with Clinton loosing you may say… you may think it had more to do with Wikileaks… but that is not the case. Yes, it seemed for a moment the re-opening of the FBI investigation was going to help Trump, but then that came to nothing. Yes the Department of Justice probably called the FBI off, but the e-mail scandal wasn’t an issue on voting day and  not the reason Trump won. And despite all  Julian Assange’s promises of a smoking gun, that never did quite seem to materialise.

Clinton lost because people finally came to the revelation that she was part of the establishment who had her chance to make changes for good and had not delivered. She lost because millions of Christians were and are praying for an end to abortion and particularly late term abortion. She lost because America cannot afford to have any more excessively liberal supreme court judges. She lost because, just perhaps a successful business person, despite their obvious faults may be able to reduce the trillions of dollars in deficit and create a better life for ordinary people.

Trump is in no way perfect. He is deeply flawed, but he is not beyond forgiveness nor is he beyond change. He has said a lot of disturbing things for many people, but hopefully He is going to be a President for all people. We must also consider who he places around him. Patricia King said she felt Trump’s running mate was going to play a key role in this election with Vice President Elect, Mike Pence as a God-fearing Joseph to Trump as Pharaoh.

Whether Trump is a new believer as many Christians have speculated or he is as pagan as Pharaoh, God is obviously using him. One immediate thing Christians can glean from him, is his courage. It’s time for God’s people to be brave. To rise up courageously and stop being so afraid of the global elite and it’s agenda to rule the world.  Let’s hope, like many Christian media outlets have said, that a Trump presidency opens up the possibility for revival to come to America and to overflow to the world.

God can use a donkey… He can use Donald J Trump and He can use you and me… and let’s not see this expression as disrespectful to any donkey. Remember Jesus chose to ride a humble donkey into Jerusalem as the crowds shouted, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord’. There is no greater privilege than to be used of God.

Trump may not even realise it yet, the magnitude of his calling, but may he carry God’s plans and purposes for America to fulfilment. May He rely wholly on God to make America great again. May He do everything in the Name of the Lord.

The mass media continues to discuss the shock Trump win and social media is full of heated discussion.  Yet, on the whole, Trump’s secret supporters continue to keep a low profile, just like they did in the election, creating havoc with the pollsters. Those who have a Biblical Worldview no longer need to be quiet. Let our voice be heard. After all the ‘expert’ analysis God has the final word.

Further Reading

GOD TV now has a news section on it’s website enabling viewers to share their views on different topics. Several articles focus on the new Trump administration offering a faith-orientated focus on the  Inauguration, the Women’s Marches and how Trump’s Presidency will affect Israel . CMW has been quoted in the article Is Faith His Trump Card.









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