After a two-year break, it seems Rory Alec is back

Rory Alec
Rory Alec – Living life in front of a camera lens could not have been easy…
What has Rory been doing since his days of live television? Image from Wikipedia

Our blog post ‘RORY – Where are you? What’s happened to Rory Alec?’ is one of the most read articles on Christian Media Watch, with hundreds of readers looking for an update. It seems God TV’s former leader still has a mass following of people interested in his well-being. So, following his departure from God TV and divorce from Wendy Alec where is Rory today?

A quick google search shows he is now using his full name, Rory Alec Stephen and is living in Austria where he has set up new businesses. It also looks like he is continuing to play an active role as a philanthropist – supporting the feeding of underprivileged children in Africa.

According to Wikipedia “Rory Alec Stephen, better known as Rory Alec, is a South African Christian broadcaster and media executive. He co-founded the GOD TV network in 1995, and was Chief Executive Officer from 1994 to 2014. Alec is now pursuing other projects through a new company called The Internationals.”

The Internationals website lists film, TV, stage and music as the company’s areas of expertise. Rory A. Stephen is listed as a producer. Looking at tweets from The Internationals Twitter account, @theinterworld it seems Rory has visited Los Angeles to pursue his dream of making movies, which he often talked about on GOD TV.

According to Go Fund Me Rory still supports the work of Jesus Cares Ministry in Rustenburg, South Africa where he grew up and is asking people to sponsor a plate of food for school children. He has written ‘An Open Letter From Rory Alec’ in which he says:

“I have been on sabbatical over the last two years for personal reasons, and I am rebuilding my life and ministry and business, but this email is not about me or what’s happening in my life – let me share with you why I write…

“I received an urgent call for help from my dear friends Cliff & André Scott, who feed 950 children at nine schools, each week… They heard a few weeks ago, that they would receive no further support from their main financial backer… Cliff & André have to replace a ‘lost budget’ of $4,800 per month and have asked for my help.

“I have known this couple since I was 17 years old! They are faithful, reliable, deeply caring people, who most certainly don’t do what they do, for the money. They are servants to these children and the Lord and most certainly deserving of my/our help! So I want to help them quickly to replace this lost revenue.”

The Open Letter links to the Vimeo Video ‘Behind the Scenes with JESUS CARES MINISTRIES from THE INTERNATIONALS MEDIA GROUP’

“The Internationals Initiative is getting behind JESUS CARES MINISTRIES in South Africa for 2017 to help them urgently raise support… Please sponsor a plate of food @ 70cents per plate,” the video description reads.

The Internationals Vimeo page links to other ‘Behind The Scenes’ filming in Vienna as well as to another new company, Alec is involved in, The Diva Academy which aims to “spread the art of singing with professionalism, ease and fun in the German-speaking world.” The site lists its founders as Carola Caye and Rory Alec.

“Carola Caye has been a Lecturer for 15 years and has been Senor Lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna for more than 30 years and has been a successful and freelance singer for more than 30 years. The International Vocal Academy was founded in cooperation with the musician, composer-arranger and film and music producer Rory Alec,” the site says.

Rory has moved on since his days behind the camera and is now holding the camera himself. After such a highly publicised split and the pain and hurt of all concerned, he seems to be back on track. A talented man with a God-given calling it’s good to see his talents are not being wasted.

How do you bounce back after such a high profile career in Christian television? It must be difficult. But it’s clear God still has a calling on his life and like David with Bathsheba, he may have to pay a heavy price, but hopefully this is the start of a turnaround for him and his ministry.

It’s fitting that it was the needs of others that brought Rory back into public life, wanting to provide meals for hungry kids. The Bible teaches us that all we do for the least of people, we do for Him. And it’s no accident that the name of the organisation is Jesus Cares. Indeed He does, no matter what we have done and is always there to help us start over.

God TV’s former CEO Rory Alec is a good example of someone starting over. Hopefully after this ‘two year sabbatical’ this is a return to ministry. It may not be in-your-face tele-evangelism, but his ‘open letter’ indicates he hasn’t left the faith. Rory was often called an ‘Apostle to the Media’ and God-willing his new life will clear the way for him to pioneer new fields of media for God’s Kingdom, breaking new ground where the enemy least expects.

You can also read.  RORY Where are you? What’s happened to Rory Alec?


38 thoughts on “After a two-year break, it seems Rory Alec is back

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  2. Rev Malunga Sam

    God TV impact left history and testimonies globally.Thanks Rory ,thanks Wendy wherever you are to us you ar one just as much as yu’ll remain one to yo children.We love you ….Rev Malunga-Tehillar Christian Network founder President

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    1. Mrs Lorna TAYLOR

      Yes, GodTV has been instrumental nearing a decade.. It’s taken many blows, but overcame. The enemy old time strategy of divide & conquer has weakened the founders family lives, but has not destroyed the ministry. That I thank God for.

      Continue to pray for GodTV’s strength, for Wendy & Children’s Faith & Hope to remain steadfast. For God to draw them closer.

      Pray for Rory to be brave enough to Publicly seek GodTv’s Executives, Partners & Viewers Forgiveness. What he did shook ‘Christian Media’ to the bone. We can accept it was a spiritual attack.. That he may have or is still bewitched… So much prayer is needed to help break every chain. Form that prayer chain…

      But, please don’t go on like every thing is the same.. There has been a breakdown in the Alec Family structure.. It is recoverable through God. Pray with an understanding & decerning heart of Mercy for Rory.. Maybe God will use your love for them to break through this ‘dark day’ they are facing.

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  3. Ira

    How can we trust Rory Alec after he committed adultery and not only destroyed his marraige, he also let millions of partners and viewers down.
    . I haven’t seen any thing about repentance and asking God for forgiveness from our God the Father and Jesus our Saviour. He didn’t take a sabbatical – he just left his wife and kids and his responsibility for millions of partners and viewers, to live with a divorced lady in South Africa.
    God certainly forgives our sins however bad our sins are, when we repent, has Rory repented? Had he asked God for forgiveness and has he asked his wife Wendy and his children for forgiveness.?

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    1. Suzanne

      I agree – it seems to be an massive oversight that he did in fact commit adultery and has not shown any remorse or repentance … yet.. he is encouraged to come back into ministry after violating Gods laws? I for one, would not want to be under his leadership or teaching. I pray for the Lord to bring him to his knees with a Godly sorrowful repentance.. and for the Lord to remove the scales from his eyes to see the beautiful gift that God has blessed him with – his wife Wendy .. Therefore… what God has joined together , let not MAN separate or put asunder .. the Bible is clear in Malachi – that God hates divorce.. it brings violence on the emotions and weakens the family unit .. the devil is assaulting Christian marriages because Jesus uses marriage as an example
      Of how a man is to love his wife – as CHRIST LOVES THE CHURCH – he compares this covenant with the relationship that he has with his own bride – the church and the husband is to be a Godly covering over his wife . It is clear that a man is not to divorce his wife and remarry , for he is committing adultery as well as the women he is with who is also divorced. Is He above reproach? Have Christians become so desensitized that we do not even recognize right from wrong ? God is a God of mercy.. but he is also a JUST God


  4. James

    Harsh and judgemental words above, it is between him and God, not for us to judge. He cannot be held back by mistakes he has made, we all make mistakes and by Gods grace he forgives us when we repent as im sure he has, not that it is any of our business, making statements as to another ones character is a very basic biblical principle . As far as our role as fellow christians are concerned, we should encourage and support our brothers and sisters and not insist in reminding them of there past mistakes as God also does for us, that is how the bible describes it and how we should behave, having negative and judgemental attitudes towards others and pointing out others issues only displays our own unhappiness and a need to know God better and understand his love for us.

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      James can you give me one scripture that says that we shouldn’t judge anything? Please remember to use the scripture in context.


    2. Mrs Lorna TAYLOR

      What?? Are you ignorant of the Word of God?

      John 7:24-26 Judge not according to the appearance, but JUDGE Righteous Judgment.
      We must judge according to the Truth of things, lest men turn us from the TRUTH and carry us away.. Judge the Tree by the Fruit..

      1 John 3:7 – 9 Little children don’t let no man deceive you (Lead you astray): He that practices righteousness is righteous, even as HE (The Father/Son) is RIGHTEOUS! He that practices SIN is of the devil; For from the beginning the devil sins. To the end the Son of God has been manifested, that He might undo the works of the devil. Whoever has been “begotten of GOD” DOES NOT PRACTISE SIN, because His seed abides in him and He cannot sin, because He has been begotten of God…

      Rory Alec needs to publicly ask ALL who he mentored, inspired, etc.. for Forgiveness, even if he’s secretly gone to God. If my child offends me or any individual I’ve personally taught them to go & ask for their forgiveness. Whether they accept it or not, my child is free & can then make a petition to God the Father & will be heard, or can leave an offering that will bless the recipient. If I can teach my child this Bibical truth.. If Rory could seek this forgiveness for Todd Bentley, then he needs to personally present himself.

      This is not a judgment call, but a RIGHTEOUSNESS call!

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    1. Mary L Jones

      He that is without sin let him cast the first stone. God, and God alone is ‘our’ judge. Let us ‘all’ remove the beams from our eyes and then we shall see clearly to remove the mote from our brother’s eyes. ‘Clearly’ here means seeing thru the eyes of Jesus, not ours. Let us continue to pray for each other, and cast all blame where it truly belongs, right at our enemy’s feet. Let us also love one another for love covers a ‘multitude’ of sins.


  5. Jay

    Totally agree with the statements above, how can he be in adultery and expect believers to trust him. Nothing to do with being judgemental, the Word clearly states that the Saints will judge the world. Is he not backsliden and in the world?

    1 Corinthians 6:2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

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  6. Angel Daphne

    Shame on him !!! Worst example ….no rights to use the name of the Almighty. May Almighty raise his hand against this adulterous man to show he is a righteous judge


  7. Shanti

    What is this kind of Sabbatical? Its called adultery. He must repent before God and go back to his wife Wendy and kids. That is how one starts afresh after a failure.


  8. Lyn McGregor

    It seems that he may have turned his life around, I hope so, because people are not our enemy, satan the destroyer is. We have to pray Rory is in the right place with the Lord, and will not miss out on Eternity in the Kingdom.

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  9. Sam

    Amazing how wicked these people are!!!! God truly has given Wendy and Rory Alec or whoever they really are over to their wickedness!!

    Wale up Human Beings: They truly belong to the Synagogue of Satan


  10. dorrainefawcett

    He has a new young wife, new businesses and getting into ministry again while his poor ex-wife, Wendy, is suffering in the aftermath of his infidelity without a cent left to her name. She lost everything because of what he did to her. She lost her house, her income and even paid his legal fees. He is not even willing to pay her a cent to buy food with every month. I cannot understand this.

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  11. Ruby Violet Jacob

    Dear Rory, Bless you,always miss you &pray for your life .Through God have been
    My family member & we can’t Just forget our family.I know you are A Godly man & still you walk with LORD.Just want to tell you GOD has an other plan for your future. Trut in HIM & use
    Talent for the world again.You are A GOD gifted man.Many times i cried to GOD for you
    & prayed for you.You are My kiddo Brother &
    I love you because you are A man og JESUS.
    Stay Blessed. InJesus name.Amen.

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  12. injustices2013

    I cannot believe what i am reading. May God forgive you Rory for what you done to your beautiful wife and children. Whatever way you try to explain it all away you still committed adultery and in your heart you know it, is it not in the scriptures ” Forget not the wife of your youth. ” You are living in sin and Satan has you deceived into thinking what you have done and are doing is okay, but it is not! Repent on your knees before Jesus and go home to your family that God originally blessed you with. God loves you and i believe he wants to restore your marriage with Wendy. I will continue to pray for you that you will see this for what it is and not what you have been deceived into believing it is. Satan is out to rob, kill and destroy, don’t let him do this to you and your beautiful family or the woman who stuck with you through thick and thin. This other woman was not sent by God but by Satan to take you away from your wife and children and deep in your heart you know God cannot bless the relationship you have now. God bless you regardless as i say this to you as a sister in Christ who does not want to see you be deceived anymore by the enemy. Much love in Christ.


  13. Suzanne

    13 And here’s a second offense: You fill the place of worship with your whining and sniveling because you don’t get what you want from GOD. Do you know why? Simple. Because GOD was there as a witness when you spoke your marriage vows to your young bride, and now you’ve broken those vows, broken the faith-bond with your vowed companion, your covenant wife. GOD, not you, made marriage. His Spirit inhabits even the smallest details of marriage. And what does he want from marriage? Children of God, that’s what. So guard the spirit of marriage within you. Don’t cheat on your spouse. (‭Malachi‬ ‭2‬:‭13-15‬ MSG)

    “In the same way, you husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way [with great gentleness and tact, and with an intelligent regard for the marriage relationship], as with someone physically weaker, since she is a woman. Show her honor and respect as a fellow heir of the grace of life, so that your prayers will not be hindered or ineffective.”
    ‭‭1 PETER‬ ‭3:7‬ ‭AMP‬‬

    These are not my words – they are God’s
    ““For I hate divorce,” says the LORD, the God of Israel, “and him who covers his garment with wrong and violence,” says the LORD of hosts. “Therefore keep watch on your spirit, so that you do not deal treacherously [with your wife].””
‭‭MALACHI‬ ‭2:16‬ ‭AMP‬‬

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  14. Suzanne

    We are forgetting one important truth: yes, Rory has admitted that he has repented and had a moral failure (aka was seduced by the Jezebel spirit ), however.. the definition of repent is “to turn away from.” Repentance without action is futile in Gods eyes . Christians , let’s call this for what it is! Please stop trying to water it down and sugar-coat it! This is serious to God, it’s about a man’s soul! We have read what the Bible says about adulterers and fornicators.. I am not
    Casting the first stone by pointing you to the truth nor am I negating the finished work of the cross! Yes, Jesus forgives, the Bible is clear from the book of John that says He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness when we REPENT and make it right with God and turn away from that sin that has ensnared us. God does not bless “mess” He will not bless a marriage that violated his commandments regarding marriage – this goes against who He is! Please look at the scriptures posted in this thread – these are from
    The word of the living God!


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  16. jeanette watts

    Rory…i looked up to you as a man of God…you have a Good Wife in Wendy!!! You have disappointed me and question God Tv….


  17. L. B. James

    Why is everyone here looking at Rory’s actions? Don’t you have any spiritual discernment! Jesus told us to judge teachers by their spiritual fruit (Matthew 7:15). Rory never had any trace of the Holy Spirit and was always quite clearly a false teacher. His words were patently insincere and deceitful. He was clearly just playing a part in order to get money. An appeal to the blind and foolish. I am not particularly interested in cases of adultery: I fully expect slaves of sin to do evil things. But the Lord’s children have been set free from sin.



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