Rory Alec Remarriage – How should we respond?

Now that former God TV CEO, has a new wife, Carola and a new life in Austria what should God TV viewers and partners make of this latest development?

Anyone who has been through a divorce knows that it is an awful destroyer. BUT God can and will turn things around as only He can. Yes, there is life after divorce as so many couples have found. We serve the God of the second chance and it’s possible to remarry and be happy in a relationship again.

It’s also possible to return to one’s ministry once the wounds of divorce are healed and be just as fruitful for God’s Kingdom. Many prominent Christian teachers today have been through a divorce and survived and still have thriving ministries. And there is no reason that this can’t happen for Rory. (And of course the same applies to his former wife, Wendy).

Now that Rory has remarried we should wish him well in his new marriage covenant and pray that he and his new wife find happiness. Likewise we can also pray for Wendy that God will bring a new man into her life and heal the brokenness of the past.

Looking back what can we learn?

Unfortunately the pain of divorce never really goes away completely so it’s not God’s best for any of us to get divorced. So if you are struggling in your marital relationship right now, don’t take the example of others who have divorced and remarried as a justification to split from your partner. Hold on to your marriage with everything you have got for as long as you can. God is the God of reconciliation and He expects couples to work through their differences. Having said that He does recognize divorce and so must we.

One of the awful things about divorce is that it affects so many people. Often, innocent children get caught up in the process, whether physical offspring or spiritual. They find themselves caught in the middle, being asked to take sides in an impossible situation and this is ongoing. As Christians, we need to minimize this from happening by walking in love and forgiveness. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and love covers a multitude of sin.

One cannot imagine the heartache the Alec family has endured over the past four years. Wendy’s pain is well known, but spare a thought for the others. How difficult it must have been for Rory to have been celebrated one moment and isolated the next. How hard it must have been on his daughter and son to not have dad around. What kind of a toll has this taken on Carola? She has been unfairly vilified and should not be blamed for the breakup of her new husband’s first marriage. She and Rory must now be given a chance to be happy together.

Mostly, how difficult it has been for the thousands of spiritual children, who have had to come to terms with the break up of the union of their spiritual role models. It’s unfortunate that things sometimes don’t work out between one’s parents, BUT they never cease to be one’s parents. This is something God TV viewers can find reassuring. Rory Alec and Wendy Alec will always continue to be God TV’s Founders. Nothing can alter this historic fact. And just because they got divorced does not detract one bit from everything that they accomplished.

Looking ahead what can we do?

We mustn’t forget how they built God TV from nothing – Against All Odds as Wendy’s book describes it. Or that God TV was and still is a sovereign move of God. Over all these years we have seen it as a pioneering ministry that has cleared the way for many, many new ministries and it has impacted so many lives. This rich legacy of spiritual transformation via the airwaves must live on.

Those who partner with God TV must be commended for being part of all the Alecs pioneered. God TV has impacted the world and it’s new leadership look like they have picked up the baton and are passionately running to take the TV station into a new period of growth with an even wider audience. All who support God TV should continue to do so because it is a work of God not a work of any man.


The Rory & Wendy Show is over but God TV continues

Given the hundreds of daily hits to this blog and comments from readers, Christian TV viewers are still lamenting the departure of Rory and now Wendy Alec from their screens. Now Rory is getting married and a chapter is closed, we encourage all concerned to move on and should you feel disillusioned we urge you not to give up on God or God TV.

Unfortunately for viewers the Rory & Wendy Show came to an abrupt end some time ago and there will be no more episodes of the popular series. Despite what went on ‘Behind the Screens’ both parties seem to have survived the fall out and although many hope for more ‘Evenings With Wendy‘ and ‘Words From Heaven‘ it seems unlikely we will see Wendy back on air for awhile. It looks like she too has left God TV for the time being.

The demise of the Alec’s joint ministry and the end of the ‘R+W Brand’ started with Rory’s much-publicized resignation from God TV in October 2014 followed by Wendy’s tearful announcements on air and their divorce in 2015. Rory faded into oblivion and Wendy did her best to stay on and keep the TV station moving forward.

However, with her much publicised vision to focus on book writing, it was only a matter of time before she would pass on her leadership position. In October 2016 during a broadcast she announced she would no longer be the CEO in order to focus on the dramatization of her Chronicles of Brothers series through Warboys Media.

Since then Wendy has hardly been seen on God TV and posts on social media  claim she has left altogether. This is disappointing as Wendy still has so much to offer viewers. She has a heart of compassion like few others and  a genuine ability to empathise with viewers in a way that connects them with Heaven.

For those who love watching Wendy, let’s pray she will one day be back on God TV, her baby, which she spent most of her life nurturing, up until a year ago when she let go. Whatever way one looks at it, we can only conclude that the Rory and Wendy Show is  finished. There will be no replays or remakes. However both will probably go on to have their own programs on different networks.

It’s time for everyone to move on

Now Rory is getting married to Austrian jazz singer, Carola Caye this month and has a new life in Austria, it’s now too late for a marital reconciliation between the Alecs and fans must leave things be. Everyone now needs to get on with their lives, just as GOD TV must put this behind them and get on with the Great Commission.

It’s time to let Rory and Wendy go and step into the next season God has for them. Who knows what Rory and his new wife will accomplish for God and they must be given the opportunity to make the very best of their new start.

Meanwhile, Wendy’s talents are obvious. She is a best-selling author and her fans can’t wait to see  Chronicles on commercial TV or at the cinema – taking her ministry to a wider audience. It’s time to move on, and as we do CMW will run a series of posts to help viewers find closure as well as provide hope for the future.

As Christian TV viewers, let’s continue to honor Rory and Wendy individually and let’s continue supporting the ministry they built up over two decades because that is their legacy.

Let’s expect good things to come from Rory and Carola. Let’s trust God to keep using Wendy and her talents. Let’s pray for the Alec children to stay on track with Jesus. Let’s also be expectant of all God will do through God TV and, most of all, let’s serve God with all our hearts and not let anything hold us back a moment longer.

The show may be over, but Rory and Wendy won’t be forgotten and their legacy, God TV will go from strength to strength.

After a two-year break, it seems Rory Alec is back

Rory Alec
Rory Alec – Living life in front of a camera lens could not have been easy…
What has Rory been doing since his days of live television? Image from Wikipedia

Our blog post ‘RORY – Where are you? What’s happened to Rory Alec?’ is one of the most read articles on Christian Media Watch, with hundreds of readers looking for an update. It seems God TV’s former leader still has a mass following of people interested in his well-being. So, following his departure from God TV and divorce from Wendy Alec where is Rory today?

A quick google search shows he is now using his full name, Rory Alec Stephen and is living in Austria where he has set up new businesses. It also looks like he is continuing to play an active role as a philanthropist – supporting the feeding of underprivileged children in Africa.

According to Wikipedia “Rory Alec Stephen, better known as Rory Alec, is a South African Christian broadcaster and media executive. He co-founded the GOD TV network in 1995, and was Chief Executive Officer from 1994 to 2014. Alec is now pursuing other projects through a new company called The Internationals.”

The Internationals website lists film, TV, stage and music as the company’s areas of expertise. Rory A. Stephen is listed as a producer. Looking at tweets from The Internationals Twitter account, @theinterworld it seems Rory has visited Los Angeles to pursue his dream of making movies, which he often talked about on GOD TV.

According to Go Fund Me Rory still supports the work of Jesus Cares Ministry in Rustenburg, South Africa where he grew up and is asking people to sponsor a plate of food for school children. He has written ‘An Open Letter From Rory Alec’ in which he says:

“I have been on sabbatical over the last two years for personal reasons, and I am rebuilding my life and ministry and business, but this email is not about me or what’s happening in my life – let me share with you why I write…

“I received an urgent call for help from my dear friends Cliff & André Scott, who feed 950 children at nine schools, each week… They heard a few weeks ago, that they would receive no further support from their main financial backer… Cliff & André have to replace a ‘lost budget’ of $4,800 per month and have asked for my help.

“I have known this couple since I was 17 years old! They are faithful, reliable, deeply caring people, who most certainly don’t do what they do, for the money. They are servants to these children and the Lord and most certainly deserving of my/our help! So I want to help them quickly to replace this lost revenue.”

The Open Letter links to the Vimeo Video ‘Behind the Scenes with JESUS CARES MINISTRIES from THE INTERNATIONALS MEDIA GROUP’

“The Internationals Initiative is getting behind JESUS CARES MINISTRIES in South Africa for 2017 to help them urgently raise support… Please sponsor a plate of food @ 70cents per plate,” the video description reads.

The Internationals Vimeo page links to other ‘Behind The Scenes’ filming in Vienna as well as to another new company, Alec is involved in, The Diva Academy which aims to “spread the art of singing with professionalism, ease and fun in the German-speaking world.” The site lists its founders as Carola Caye and Rory Alec.

“Carola Caye has been a Lecturer for 15 years and has been Senor Lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna for more than 30 years and has been a successful and freelance singer for more than 30 years. The International Vocal Academy was founded in cooperation with the musician, composer-arranger and film and music producer Rory Alec,” the site says.

Rory has moved on since his days behind the camera and is now holding the camera himself. After such a highly publicised split and the pain and hurt of all concerned, he seems to be back on track. A talented man with a God-given calling it’s good to see his talents are not being wasted.

How do you bounce back after such a high profile career in Christian television? It must be difficult. But it’s clear God still has a calling on his life and like David with Bathsheba, he may have to pay a heavy price, but hopefully this is the start of a turnaround for him and his ministry.

It’s fitting that it was the needs of others that brought Rory back into public life, wanting to provide meals for hungry kids. The Bible teaches us that all we do for the least of people, we do for Him. And it’s no accident that the name of the organisation is Jesus Cares. Indeed He does, no matter what we have done and is always there to help us start over.

God TV’s former CEO Rory Alec is a good example of someone starting over. Hopefully after this ‘two year sabbatical’ this is a return to ministry. It may not be in-your-face tele-evangelism, but his ‘open letter’ indicates he hasn’t left the faith. Rory was often called an ‘Apostle to the Media’ and God-willing his new life will clear the way for him to pioneer new fields of media for God’s Kingdom, breaking new ground where the enemy least expects.

You can also read.  RORY Where are you? What’s happened to Rory Alec?

Did God intervene in the US Election?

So much has been written about the US Election, what more could possibly be said? From a Christian media perspective several things are worth noting.
It all pointed towards Hillary Clinton being the next president of the USA, Newsweek had already printed it’s cover with the words, ‘Madame President’. Yet in a shock turn-around we now have President Elect, Donald J Trump. What happened? Was it Wikileaks, was it disillusionment with the establishment or could it have been divine intervention?

With so many Republican candidates to beat, it’s a wonder Trump won the nomination in the first place. And, having blurted out so many politically suicidal comments, it is amazing he was allowed to continue to campaign…

When we heard his call for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the USA,” many of us thought it was the end for him. In today’s world you can’t spew forth such politically incorrect statements and hope to be taken seriously… and yet the statements kept coming…

Then came the ‘October Surprise’ of his lewd ‘locker room talk’ video tape where he was caught on camera disrespecting women in such a vulgar way.  The media correctly assessed that this would have been the end for any other politician… Especially coupled with the shocking accusations of several women with whom he allegedly acted inappropriately. Who would have thought any self respecting woman would vote for him?

And yet, defying all odds millions of women did vote for him. And men. And despite the Clinton campaign rolling out all the big names they could muster, including President Obama and the first lady, Trump still won. Unbelievable. Yet with God nothing is impossible. And He can use a donkey if He so chooses.

So many times during his campaign it seemed ludicrous that Donald Trump was a serious contender and yet it seems God decided to use him to lead the United States for His own plans and purposes and the obvious question is why?

The answers can be found in the Christian media who boldly stuck out their necks to support Trump as God’s choice of candidate and Charisma Magazine (published by Steve Strang) was right at the forefront highlighting prophetic insights from Christian leaders who history proved were accurately hearing from Heaven.

Scripture declares that God doesn’t do anything before first telling His prophets and Lance Wallnau, Dutch Sheets, Patricia King, Jennifer LeClaire, Bill Johnson, Mark Taylor and others are to be commended for bravely speaking about a Trump victory long before it even seemed vaguely possible.

“Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7)

Lance Wallnau (Known for his teaching on the Seven Mountains of Influence) described Trump as ‘God’s chaos candidate’, ‘a wrecking ball to political correctness.’ Jennifer LeClaire accurately prophesied that “On Election Day, a Kingdom will be toppled.” Brave words indeed when the nation seemed to be rooting for Hillary…and win the popular vote she did, but not the White House.
Mark Taylor boldly prophesied five years ago that Trump would be President  and has since updated his prophetic word, saying that God will use him to expose darkness.

Despite Trump’s many flaws, it seems God has raised him up to give America a stay of execution. So many Christian leaders have discerned that the USA is under judgement due to the Godless agenda of the globalist elite; the murder of millions of unborn children; and the way the US Government has humiliated Israel in recent years to name just a few reasons why a vote for Hillary Clinton was not an option for many Bible-believing Christians.

God had nothing to do with Clinton loosing you may say… you may think it had more to do with Wikileaks… but that is not the case. Yes, it seemed for a moment the re-opening of the FBI investigation was going to help Trump, but then that came to nothing. Yes the Department of Justice probably called the FBI off, but the e-mail scandal wasn’t an issue on voting day and  not the reason Trump won. And despite all  Julian Assange’s promises of a smoking gun, that never did quite seem to materialise.

Clinton lost because people finally came to the revelation that she was part of the establishment who had her chance to make changes for good and had not delivered. She lost because millions of Christians were and are praying for an end to abortion and particularly late term abortion. She lost because America cannot afford to have any more excessively liberal supreme court judges. She lost because, just perhaps a successful business person, despite their obvious faults may be able to reduce the trillions of dollars in deficit and create a better life for ordinary people.

Trump is in no way perfect. He is deeply flawed, but he is not beyond forgiveness nor is he beyond change. He has said a lot of disturbing things for many people, but hopefully He is going to be a President for all people. We must also consider who he places around him. Patricia King said she felt Trump’s running mate was going to play a key role in this election with Vice President Elect, Mike Pence as a God-fearing Joseph to Trump as Pharaoh.

Whether Trump is a new believer as many Christians have speculated or he is as pagan as Pharaoh, God is obviously using him. One immediate thing Christians can glean from him, is his courage. It’s time for God’s people to be brave. To rise up courageously and stop being so afraid of the global elite and it’s agenda to rule the world.  Let’s hope, like many Christian media outlets have said, that a Trump presidency opens up the possibility for revival to come to America and to overflow to the world.

God can use a donkey… He can use Donald J Trump and He can use you and me… and let’s not see this expression as disrespectful to any donkey. Remember Jesus chose to ride a humble donkey into Jerusalem as the crowds shouted, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord’. There is no greater privilege than to be used of God.

Trump may not even realise it yet, the magnitude of his calling, but may he carry God’s plans and purposes for America to fulfilment. May He rely wholly on God to make America great again. May He do everything in the Name of the Lord.

The mass media continues to discuss the shock Trump win and social media is full of heated discussion.  Yet, on the whole, Trump’s secret supporters continue to keep a low profile, just like they did in the election, creating havoc with the pollsters. Those who have a Biblical Worldview no longer need to be quiet. Let our voice be heard. After all the ‘expert’ analysis God has the final word.

Further Reading

GOD TV now has a news section on it’s website enabling viewers to share their views on different topics. Several articles focus on the new Trump administration offering a faith-orientated focus on the  Inauguration, the Women’s Marches and how Trump’s Presidency will affect Israel . CMW has been quoted in the article Is Faith His Trump Card.








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How to Find Freedom From Slavery

Seems we are all slaves to something. God wants us to be free. The Christian media is an essential part of proclaiming Freedom in Christ alone.

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You might be surprised to hear that you see slaves each and every day. You interact with them. You might live with one or two. Or, it’s very possible you’re a slave yourself. Now you may be thinking, “That’s impossible. Slavery is illegal!” Yes, it is… in some forms.

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Has Revelation TV really fallen foul of the Charity Commission?

According to The Independent, Revelation TV: Britain’s first televangelist station is facing investigation into misuse of funds.

Ecalpemos, a blog written in Scotland “on issues including current affairs, music, technology and Christianity,” has offered the following insight into the these claims. They also have a well documented page providing Background Information on Revelation TV.

CMW tweet Christian Media Watch has been criticised through a comment on this blog, for not alerting viewers to this investigation. We did actually pick up on this in a tweet, saying “We have to do better.”

Ecalpemos (Someplace spelt backwards) has observed Christian Media Watch as exemplifiying a polarised group of Christians who see such investigations as “a satanic attack against Christians”.

We do believe that all Christian media is under enemy attack by the Prince of the Power of the Air as they strive to redeem the airwaves. However we do not see an investigation by the Charity Commission as a satanic attack. All charities in the UK must adhere to the strict guidelines of the Charity Commission and if they are in breech of these, they need to be called to account and make right.

Revelation TV has responded to the accusations against them with An Announcement relating to the Charity Commission’s inquiry into Revelation Foundation – saying they are co-operating fully and that they believe the allegations will be proved unfounded.

Ecalpemos says: “Having reflected on this I suspect that those hoping for something to happen will be disappointed. The Charity Commission is very reluctant to take action in cases like this, usually citing concerns about loss of benefit to beneficiaries or bringing the voluntary sector into disrepute. Even when they do take action this information is only publicly available for a short period of time, and are not held in a public archive.”

As we commented on Ecalpemos’ article: “Commendations on a well documented blog. Despite your concerns with Revelation TV you have approached this in a respectful through critical way, which is so much better than some of the blogs that see themselves as called to bring down entire Christian networks. I hope that what you have suggested will be the outcome of the Charity Commission’s investigation into Revelation TV. ie ensuring that the way forward is completely above board.

“I rather suspect that Howard Conder has sacrificed everything to just get Revelation on air and even more to keep it on air, as have his family most probably. It is a concern that some family members have earned high salaries, but then we don’t know what level of work they have had to do. Christian TV is enormously expensive and every minute of TV takes much planning, production etc. Sometimes only family members are prepared to make the level of commitment to a vision, ie to give all.

“Christians cannot blame the devil for their mistakes. However we all know that he has tailor made traps for each of us because he basically wants to kill, steal and destroy. He walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. We have to be one step ahead. And yes as Christians we should do everything in the best possible way as an example to others. Hopefully Revelation will bounce back stronger.”